Shop Ride to Settlers Café

Author: 6 April 2024  

Shop Ride

Get ready for Shop Ride number 1 in 2024! Mark your calendars for 6 April as we head off to Settlers Café in Mulgoa.

We will get together at the state-of-the-art dealership from 8:15 am. At 8:45, we will have a rider briefing to ensure everyone is acquainted with the route and each other. Please remember to sign a waiver to be part of the ride. Once all the housekeeping is done, we will gear up and set out on our ride at 9am sharp.

We will navigate through the bustling streets of Sydney and make our way towards the outskirts of the city. As the cityscape fades into the distance, the route will lead us onto the scenic inland roads, offering breathtaking views . Enjoy the open roads and fresh air as you cruise along the winding roads, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the roar of H-D engines.

We will make a stop or 2 along the way to catch up with your fellow riders. Once we are done there, we will set off again and continue along our ride to Settlers Café for some well-deserved snacks and refreshments. With its combination of urban excitement, country side serenity, and scenic stops, this route promises to be a truly enjoyable experience for riders of all levels. So join us for an adventure-filled ride with some great people!

  • Location: Morgan & Wacker H-D® Sydney (321A Parramatta Rd, Auburn NSW 2144) to Settlers Café, Mulgoa Rd, Mulgoa (1300 Mulgoa Rd, Mulgoa NSW 2745)
  • Date: Saturday, 6th April
  • Time: (Meet up) 8:15am - (Riders Briefieng) 8:45am - (Stands up) 9:00am

NB! All non-members will be required to sign a waiver form. They will be available on the day. Route: See Map below Register below to secure your place on this ride and please make sure you complete a waiver once you arrive at the dealership.

Looking forward to seeing you there!