Understanding Warranties

Statutory warranties are not mandatory in Queensland on used motorcycles.

New motorbikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees the repair of your bike should anything go wrong. As we all know, the older something gets the more chance of a problem. Not everyone has the luxury of upgrading their bike inside the factory covered period. We find many of our customers keep their motorcycles for a period much longer than the original factory warranty.

Furthermore, there isn’t the same guarantee when buying a used bike. We perform the most stringent of mechanical inspections on every one of our used bikes. We have 100% confidence in our pre-owned motorcycles, but unfortunately we cannot forecast their mechanical future.

BUT…. we have the solution to this!

We would like to introduce you to the best product in our store, it is available for all bikes we sell, and for many years it has been keeping our customers on the road and keeping them happy customers… The Morgan and Wacker Warranty.

At Morgan & Wacker we give our customers peace of mind.  We can arrange a warranty to cover parts and labour for used bikes and in the case of a new bike, extend the factory warranty offering coverage for up to 5 years. Our extended cover enables many more years of worry free riding and prevents any major mechanical expense.

Some motorcycle warranties come with a lot of fine print, a lot of exclusions and make it difficult to file any type of claim. Our contracts are easy to read and simple to understand. You will know exactly what you’re covered for, and the best part is you’re dealing with us and our in-house claims manager – so making a claim is a breeze. There are different levels of Morgan and Wacker Warranty cover available to suit your needs.

With OUR motorcycle warranties, you’re covered anywhere in Australia offering you complete peace of mind whenever and wherever you ride.

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