This is Our Family: Mitch’s Story

The proud new owner of a very trick Fat Boy Lo, Mitch talks about his love of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, tattoos and the unique culture that surrounds both.


Last year I did some work for Harley-Davidson through their advertising/marketing company in Sydney called 303 lowe.

I did the poster artwork for the Judgement Day 3 competition held in Australia. Harley contacted me through an Australian published tattoo magazine called “Inked”.  The editor of the magazine passed on my details to 303 lowe and then we started working on their idea. I did the poster for them, which was in shops Australia wide, magazines and on social media networks. I also did all the artwork for the “online tattoo generator” which you could access through the Australian Harley-Davidson website and what not.

I have been tattooing in Queensland now for about 8 years and working in tattoo shops for about 11.  At least 4-5 of my clients each week end up talking to me about motorbikes and what I want to get next or do next to a bike. The style of tattooing I do is traditional tattooing and stems from the old school of the early bikies and the style that goes with it.

So I bought a Harley from James Straker and Morgan & Wacker.  I’ve known James for over 10 years from back in the Allstar Tattoo days.    My idea was to get a Fat Boy Lo and built it from the start of a basic bike through to a complete custom.

I had been looking for a bike for a while but never felt comfortable in any of the dealerships until I stepped into Morgan & Wacker. I knew of them but had never bothered to drop in. From the very first time I stepped foot into the store I felt like the staff actually wanted to help me and genuinely wanted to get me on the bike I was looking for. I’m very impatient when buying something new and was always kept in the loop about the work happening to my bike by James and Luke.

I am heavily tattooed and to have conversations with Paul and the other staff about Harley-Davidson tattoos, I knew I was buying my bike from the right place. I basically told Luke I wanted by bike so black that you couldn’t see it at night and he definitely helped me achieve that which I am very happy with. He took my idea and turned it into the bike I had dreamed about when going through the parts catalogue.

When I actually picked up my bike once again was always made to feel great and well looked after. My bike looks insane. It is exactly how I had pictured it and it never would of got to that point with out the help of James, Luke, Paul and Jamie. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my bike and the experience!

Check out my journey below through my Instagram (@mitchxlove) …


Mitch-Gallery-1Picture 1.

Went and checked out my new harley before it gets a heap of sh*t done to it. The man himself @jstrakertroublemaker helped me out with all sales questions I’ve had from the start and @lukegfairchild sat me down and helped me with parts to make my bike look the way I want it to be. If you are looking for great service and people who know Harley’s hit up @morganandwacker and these 2 guys for any help you need. Watch this space because there’s heaps to come with this bike!



Mitch-Gallery-2Picture 2.

Went a checked out a heap of the stuff going on my bike at Morgan and wacker today. The man beside me Luke Fairchild, has helped me heaps and funny enough we went to school together. Black on black on black on black…. I think I may have wet my pants a little with excitement. This is just some of what is to come. Thank you @morganandwacker @jstrakertroublemaker @lukegfairchild with all the help follow these guys great help when it is needed.



Mitch-Gallery-3Picture 3.

My new bike is starting to look mental. I think I wee’d a little when I got this picture.





Mitch-Gallery-4Picture 4.

Got to pick this up this morning super stoked. My wife @malikarose was going to surprise me for my 30th birthday next month but I couldn’t mind my own business and she gave in and told me. Thanks babe. Also a huge thank you to the guys at @morganandwacker for really looking after me on this bike. Special thanks to @jstrakertroublemaker and @lukegfairchild for helping me make it look like this. So stoked.