This is Our Family: Mitch’s Story

I actually have no idea what to put here but I’m Mitch, I’m 26, I sell cars for a living, have ADHD and the attention span of a goldfish (or similar aquatic life form) so bear with me.

I reckon my passion for bikes comes from the fact that both of my parents had bikes in their younger years and I feel riding as much as I did has shaped me to be the dude I am now.

I got my first bike back in 1992, when I was 3. I woke up on Christmas morning and Mum and Dad took me downstairs and I saw my brand new Peewee 80! The feeling I got that day will stay with me until I’m long in the ground & from that second I knew I was meant to ride. I tore around our farm in rural NSW for a good few years after that and owned another four or five dirt bikes and about the same number of accidents / broken bones.

When I got my “big kids” licence I did what any normal person does and bought an R1, which subsequently met the business end of a Range Rover (through no fault of my own). I then had a few bikes of little significance until one day, sitting at work, I texted James (Straker) about something irrelevant and he replied with “Dude, we have got one of those irons here and it looks rad, you should come have a look!” … But I didn’t look at it, I bought it then and there! That was a hugely significant moment for me as I then met one of my best mates in the world, Des, and he along with Luke literally built me the Sportster of my dreams.

I did end up growing tired of it and wanted a bit more power, comfort and fuel range. I rode an FXST and a few other bikes for a while and wasn’t sold on anything until Des offered me a squirt on his FXDB Street Bob. After about the second, or third millimetre, that it moved, I knew I had to have one and I had to have it right away. So I made a quick phone call to Straker to order the bike while Des & Luke ordered a list of parts the size of a short to medium novel.

The big day finally arrived and I got to Morgan and Wacker to see my new baby sitting there ready to go, with the Wild One bars, Gazi rear shocks, Progressive front cartridge shocks, Le Pera seat, Screamin’ Eagle cam and a bunch of other fun stuff. Had a quick chat to Gav who got my insurance sorted –  since then I have never looked back and really struggle to think I will. I know there are more efficient, faster, safer forms of transport, but if that’s your thought process before buying a bike then I feel you have missed the point of a Harley entirely.

For me? It’s the bespoke craftsmanship of the bikes coupled with the beautiful simplicity of them and that special feeling I get, even if it’s a two minute ride.
It’s my bike, it’s built how I want it for me, not for anybody else. And that suits me perfectly. I urge anyone who is sitting on the fence about buying a Harley to just take the plunge and do it.
You won’t regret it.