This is Our Family: Iain’s Story

Iain Horne –  My Harley Story.

My desire to own a Harley goes back to childhood, however my mother at the time and now my wife forbid me from riding any motor bikes. Late 2014 is where my story starts as I completed my bike licence over a two day Q ride course and I must admit it scared the shit out of me being on the road after my initial intro course however I got my pass slip from the instructor and off to Queensland transport I went for the RE upgrade on my licence … At the time I had heard one of the other participants mention that they were getting a Harley and I asked how this was possible, he went on to say that the new 500 Street was Lams approved and I immediately got on the Phone to James at Morgan and Wacker and paid my deposit.

I waited painstakingly for it to arrive months later and I thought the day would never come but I got the call 2 weeks before my 40th Birthday (please no mid life crisis digs) from James saying that my baby had arrived!

Well I was off there faster than boy on prom night and Luke rolled out the red carpet and I optioned the bike up big time. I was unsure if they were going to be able to deliver it for my birthday but all the team dug in and they turned the bike around in a matter of days, I was seriously impressed.

I headed back down to Morgan and Wacker straight away, picked up some riding gear from the girls at the shop and then got the Harley holy grail lesson from James, a smile and wink from Luke and I was off.

I had not ridden since I got my licence months before and was shitting myself as I left the dealership however a few hours in the back streets of Hamilton and I was off up the M1 heading home.

Yes I did arrive safely, however I forgot to mention that I had not told my wife that I was getting a bike, let alone a Harley. I’m still dealing with that situation but I can assure you I love my new bike and have been on it every day since.

I have now definitely lived out a life long dream. I’m pretty sure that there will be lots of adventures to come and I’m positive I’ll be upgrading in the next few years to a bigger hog but at the moment I’m just enjoying owning a Harley as my first bike.


Iain’s Street 500 Features:

  • Typhoon Black Contrast Cut Wheels
  • Edge Cut – Footpegs front and rear
  • Edge Cut – grips
  • Edge Cut – shifter peg
  • Edge Cut –  brake pedal
  • Front axle covers – black
  • Pivot Bolt covers – Black
  • Rear Axle Covers – Black
  • Air cleaner trim – Dark Custom Collection
  • Right side and left side engine medallions – Dark Custom Collection
  • Café Solo Seat
  • Bassani Tapered slip on muffler