This is Our Family: Alex’s Story

Growing up as a young boy I always wanted a motorbike, The Crusty Demons generation was in full effect! If you owned a couple VHS tapes along with some old offspring cd’s you were considered to have it all, throw a motorbike into that mix (usually 50-80cc) and you had the best life a kid could want. Well for me I had the tapes and CD’s but I also had a pretty smart mother. One that was clever enough to keep me off a bike at that age and clearly knew my intentions if I were to get one.

Fast forward to my early 20’s and I have found myself living with my school mate Beau who at one point has ridden home on his first motorcycle. A 250cc cruiser. My jaw dropped.That night Beau, My brother and myself took turns sitting on this what seemed like a huge but very cool cruiser of a bike.  Sitting on that bike reignited the thrill of the idea of owning a bike again and when the penny dropped that I was old enough to make my own decisions about being a rider the pieces were all coming together. I managed to convince Beau to let me ride his bike in an empty car park but when my back was turned both Beau and my car had disappeared, only to be replaced by a text message saying “now or never,… ride it home. Seeya there”

After riding that bike no more than 5k’s home I had to have one of my own and I had nothing but Harley Davidson in my sights. Of course just like everybody else I had to leap frog my way up the “displacement ladder” to the point I was legally allowed to ride a Harley.  Buying my first Harley (also from James) I couldn’t go past the Sportster Iron 883, It had it all! The looks, the sound, the feel and most of all had the HD shield!  Oh-Boy! it was making me salivate.

The 883 was a great bike for me and I still consider it to be one of the best value for money HD’s on the market but this year I turn 30 and I had noticed I was out growing the iron, The smaller frame and motor wasn’t allowing me to hold a pillion as easily as I would have liked. Enter Morgan & Wacker staff. After coming to the decision that I needed to upgrade and accompanied with the idea of spoiling myself for my birthday I made a meeting to head in and see James. At first I had no real idea or intention with which model I wanted to purchase and the staff were very understanding with me and allowed me to test ride every bike that caught my eye. In the end it boiled down to just two bikes, The Wide Glide and the Street Bob. James and I had stayed in regular contact for a few months and after sending him a picture of every bike I found that took my fancy one thing was becoming clear… I liked Street Bob’s, A lot!

The Problem for me was the stance and seating position of the Street Bob wasn’t connecting as well with me as the Wide Glide was, however the styling was right up my alley. This is where Luke came into play. I honestly think the time spent with Luke is some of the best customising conversation you can/should have when purchasing a bike. He not only helped me track down items that I had no information for but also suggest 2 or 3 other options to me as well. Some of which I wasn’t even aware of. Luke helped me to get the riding position and feel of a Wide Glide and the looks and performance of a Street Bob rolled into one.

Being a tattooist the Harley is an icon that is known through out this industry of mine, There wasn’t anything else I wanted. But the direction of what I needed and the advice of models to suit my lifestyle and riding experience was given to me through James and Luke. The guys at M&W put a lot of time into me and my bike to make sure I rode away with something that would last me for years to come, When riding away that first time… Grinning ear to ear, I knew that I had been steered in the right direction.