This is Our Family: Adam’s Story



Adam Davidson and his Iron 883N

Story by James Straker, Motorcycle Consultant Morgan & Wacker. “I Sell Motorbikes & Dreams…”


I first met Adam a few weeks ago. We struck up a conversation immediately because he has some classic hot rod themed tattoos which I love.  He has had a pretty rough trot of late, only a few months ago he died on the operating table during a medical procedure and was brought back to life.  He is ex-Australian Navy and has put his body through the wringer. He is slowly coming good and his physical rehab is coming along leaps and bounds. Adam has had plenty of hot rods and bikes in his life, and like a lot of people, he sacrificed them to make a better life for his family. He is heading to America to marry his sweetheart next year (she came in as well and was amazingly supportive of him) to celebrate a new lease on life, and after having literally a near death experience (nearer than most get and have the chance to come back from) he decided that it was time to get some petrol back in his veins.  He spotted this awesome tricked out Iron on the lot and decided that it was the bike for him !!!


I delivered the bike to his house and met his dogs, his son-in-law and even his pet Sun Conure.. the whole family !!!

Every day we come to work for a paycheck, like anyone does, but one of the most amazing things about selling Harley-Davidson’s is the amazing people I get to meet. That’s the icing on the cake!!

– James