This is Our Family: Guiseppe’s Story

I’ve always had a soft spot for the V-Rod. I started out on a GSXR600 and it wasn’t long before it was modified with custom wheels, tune, pipe, sprocket, lowered etc etc. I raced the bike a for a while in 1/4 mile and it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. 10.9sec was my fastest time. After a few close calls on and off the track, I decided it was time to slow down and purchased a second bike – an Iron 883. I loved the sound, the look and the ride-ability. Again I think I only owned the bike ten minutes and it was air-bagged, piped, tuned, aped and had custom Joker “Why So Serious?” decals on it.

The comfort and the ride-ability of the Iron 883 was heavenly but the power of my GSXR still made my heart race!!! So I knew then it was time to sell both bikes and build one all-round mighty machine. The Bat!! The bat started life out as a denim night rod special purchased from James. It was delivered with bars, pipes, tunes and airbags. I had than got the itch for a bigger rear tyre so I fitted it up to my dad’s and Josh’s (service department) fears lol. Six hours later I was cruising around with a truck tyre on the back (hahah). On the first ride I stopped at a set of lights and a little kid in a car said to his dad “that’s batmans bike!” and The Bat was born.

The truly beautiful thing about a Harley is that its all about individuality, no two bikes are the same and watching everyone’s passion transcending through their bikes is something I enjoy. The community at Harley is honestly a big family unlike any other bike manufacturer-culture I’ve been apart of. It’s probably the most tight-nit and friendly despite all the stigma surrounded by Harley-Davidson bikers.

The bike has since been modified again…. custom rims, custom paint, custom exhaust, retune, personalised plates and bigger bars. The dream doesn’t stop, the vision just keeps growing and fingers crossed its a good year this year and by Christmas its turbo’d….

Special thanks, to Morgan and Wacker Crew especially Josh, Luke, James and Paul