This is Our Family: Anthony’s Story

Anthony purchased 2 Anniversary Fatboy’s from our store in 2013. He rode one daily and kept one for show. Unfortunately Anthony hit a Kangaroo and suffered head injury’s which took his complete memory from him. Strangely he rode on, lost not knowing what had happened nor who he was. He eventually found his friend and came back to our store. We tried to help him piece his life back together. We repaired one of his bikes and he kept one and decided to find himself on an adventure of a life time.


The trip to the tip Cape York is to open the awareness of concussions and brain trauma. Society has yet to fully understand what concussion and brain trauma could do to your brain.

My story is like many others out there…I am one of those people whom Society has forgotten because of lack understanding knowledge, and acceptance of my conditions. I have had several severy concussional and Brain trauma to the point that I have lost nearly 48yrs of my memories. Yes its hard to believe and understand what a person go through unless they have experienced it themselves but then its too late. I have been catogrised in the unbelielable symptoms and its not possible. For those who chooses to listen. Yes its possible and please believe!!! The trip to the tip of Australia was to prove myself and for many others out there to not give up! Society my have forgotten you but that doesnt mean that you should give up on living and believing in yourself. We may not be fully acepted, and judged by others but we must move on in a way that other will eventually respeted and treat us as equal. The trip to the tip of Australia is impossible but yet possible!!! It was a very hard and dangerous trip as many others out there would vouched for it. Ive decided to ride my 110th Anniversary Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo limited edition on one of the hardest track in Australia on two wheel other than a 4×4 wheel vehicle.  I have decided to ride my bike as factory made without any modification for off roads conditions. This was done to prove to myself and others out there that like a human body, the motorcycle is a mechanical machine and without past memories is still functional within its mean.

My journey started from brisbane to cairns then to cooktown and following on cape york. I have packed my belongings to the minimum weight as possible to keep it as light for fuel comsumption and controlling of the bike. 110th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Fatboy Lo limited edition with fluids Weighed 400kg alone. Then adding my body weight of 106kg, 15kg of camping equipments, basic repair tools, and clothing. A further of 2kg of water only giving it a total weight of 523kg. I have decided to pillion a passenger from cairns to the tip of Australia to help financing my trip as I know that fuel cost, food and camping very are expensive in the Outback. I managed to convince a german backpacker to take on this journey of a life time. Her name was Susanne kufner. Susanne has never been on a motorcycle in her life so I took Susanne on a small loop around AthertonTableland and Mission Beach to see if she could managed to sit on a motorcycle and see if she would still like to continue with me to the tip of Australia. I had to repack my bike again now that I am carrying a pillion passenger. Susanne and I had to negotiate on what is only neccessary for us for this trip to keep the weight down to the minimum. The bike was then repacked even less of my personal belongings, tools, camping equimpement to accomodate our trip. The total weight of the bike with both Susanne and I and with limited belongings and camping equiptment was well over a whopping 600kg without food and water. We both made the decision to only carry two bottles of 1.5 litre of water, a box of muslie bar and a box of water crakers. For two days I carefully planned my trip before setting off to cooktown as the first leg. At cooktown I again had to downsize my weight to accomodate fuel consumption and the hard off road track ahead after speaking to the locals and other 4×4 wheel driver who have already driven up and back from Cape York. I have been warned not to ride up and tried to scare me  off with tragical stories of the trips and how dangerous it is for many years buy locals including the republican at the cooktown hotel. In the end I still wanted to do it and had to really reconvince Sussane’s that things will be ok and to trust my judgement and my willingness to continue. I waited for four days until Susanne surprisingly agreed to come with me rather the $70 return bus trip to Cairns So the adventure started with ridding the Battle Camp road, the Old Telegraph track, Development road heading up Cape York with lots of mishaps, danger, and all kinds of challenging conditions.


Anthony Venczel