Our Ant-Man Super Hero Custom!

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Practical, efficient, serious. No tolerance for foolishness.
A very serious insect, Ant-Man is all about getting the job done efficiently, without distraction. With the strength of a full-grown man squeezed into his tiny body, he can go places and do things beyond the capability of any other Super Hero. If it weighs you down, get rid of it. That’s the Low Rider S motorcycle – a lean, mean machine. And with a power to size ratio like Ant-Man’s, if anything’s getting on your nerves you can simply watch it disappear in the rear view mirrors.

After two months of hard work slaving away at our Super Hero Custom Creation we finally Finished the ride Ant-Man himself would be proud of! “We went all out on this to fully capture Ant-Man’s spirit. It was a real team effort to get every little detail right, starting with a powerful engine in a small chassis. Then an Ant-Man button on the front cowling, custom red and silver pain job, with LEDs light built in to match his suit. And a battle scared finish on the frame. The NoS bottles for Ant-Man’s serum really finish it off. There’s no doubt who owns this bike.” – Our Dealer Principal Steve

Help us out guys and vote HERE for Ant-Man if you love our custom! Also check out the images below of all those awesome custom parts.


Making a Stand could pay off big time. That’s because the major prize, for 4 people to Hollywood & Las Vegas, includes a once in a lifetime, invitation-only, VIP tour of Legacy Effects – the state of the art outfit that creates breathtaking cinematic effects for Marvel movies. But that’s just the start.

You’ll travel to Las Vegas to visit the new Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at Treasure Island, dine in the iconic Harley-Davidson café and even brush shoulders with Marvel Heroes at Disneyland. We’re also talking airfares, luxury accommodation and a US$400 pre-paid credit card to spend on All-American breakfasts. So what are you waiting for? To enter, simply choose the Harley, the Marvel Super Hero and the trait that mirrors you best. Rev yourself up and Make a Stand.


Check out how it all started to the finished bike, a lot of hard work went into it and we are super impressed with the result!