Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson: Mr Hyde (Breakout)

Introducing Mr Hyde – This custom build was undertaken by one of our long term customers and our resident Customisation Consultant, Luke. Shortly after the bike and colour were chosen, the creative juices started to flow with inspiration coming from all areas but with the sole focus of creating a stand out bike with several dynamic focus areas while retaining a clean look throughout.

Internally, the bike has been massaged significantly with a Genuine Screamin’ Eagle Stage 5 “Tyre Shredder” kit. For a bolt on kit, this offers great value for money and results compared to other engine upgrade approaches. We got our friends over at KPR Industries to hook us up with a Bassani Road Rage 2 into 1 exhaust to ensure maximum performance gains.

Cosmetically, the rest of the bike has had a blackened & “Willie G Skull” treatment to accentuate the other major areas of upgrade. Black levers, Profile Custom Mirrors start the dark, while the grips, footpegs, derby cover and timer cover copped the Willie G series of accessories. The handlebars are the ubiquitous Burleigh Bar “Highballs” measuring 16″ in height and a fat 1.5″ thick and retain a high level of comfort while providing massive amounts of attitude and style.

Further improvements to the bike again came from our friends at KPR Industries, with some wicked strip LED front indicators mounted just below the hand controls and the hugely popular “Chop Z Inner Fender Fix” at the rear that incorporates some trick mini LED indicators and really shows off that huge back tyre. We contracted CNC Cycles in Melbourne to source us some trick Mustang seats, designed by Len & Fred Kodlin and are Mustangs boutique “Signature Series” line. The seats are genuine leather with a trick maroon alcantara (suede like leather) section stitched in to make it pop more than the stock seats do.

Stay tuned for further updates as we wait for some Performance Machine “Platinum Collection” wheels to arrive from the US, courtesy of our Ross Street neigbours, Rollies Speed Shop. Mr Hyde is only going to get more sinister!

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