Morgan & Wacker Ghost Rider Road Glide

Making a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance or character.
Transforming into the Ghost Rider turns Johnny Blaze into the Spirit of Vengeance. An expert stunt rider, he sits astride his motorbike with skull aflame and wielding a mystical chain that annihilates any villains in his path. Living in the saddle has never been more achievable. The Road Glide® Special is a transformative experience for any rider of touring machines – there’s simply no better pairing for Ghost Rider – the ultimate bike riding Super Hero.

After two months of hard work slaving away at our Super Hero Custom Creation we finally Finished the ride Ghost Rider himself would want! “Passion, blood, sweat and tears went into this project. It was built for the Ghost Rider and we are convinced he would kill to ride it too! The Road Glide Special provided a big canvas for a Super Hero with attitude, chains, fire and an evil dark side. The paint is phenomenal and there’s plenty of room in the panniers to collect any lost souls!”  – Our Dealer Principal Paul