Morgan & Wacker Custom Cafe Iron 883

Available from Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson 54 Ross St, Newstead.

Custom Cafe Sporty Iron 883

To showcase Harley-Davidsons mid-year model release of Genuine Motor Accessories and Parts, we built the “Café Sporty” with the goal of being a nimble, fun bike to ride in an urban environment and the hills alike.

Fitting the new low slung Clubman handlebars and the Café Solo seat sits the rider further “into” the bike for a more engaging riding experience while the headlight visor, while the “72” panel set (both guards and fuel tank) gives the bike a slimmer profile.

The rest of the changes include but aren’t limited too extras like Skull & Chain Smokey Chrome engine covers, Get -a- Grip grips, Domed Billet mirrors along with the Black Buckshot Exhaust Heatshields and Black Screamin’ Eagle Mufflers.

Parts List

  • Clubman Handlebars
  • Diamond Black Braided Lines (full set)
  • Café Solo Seat
  • Headlight Visor
  • Black Domed Billet Mirrors
  • Get-A-Grip black billet grips
  • Skull & Chain Smokey Chrome Derby Cover
  • Skull & Chain Smokey Chrome Timer Cover
  • Black Buckshot Exhaust Heatshields
  • Black Screamin’ Eagle Mufflers