2015 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low

Available from Morgan & Wacker Brisbane

(07) 3606 8888, 54 Ross St, Newstead, Brisbane QLD 4006

2015 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low

We needed a way to showcase the Rushmore Touring family as bikes for riders of all heights and sizes, enter the FLHTKL Ultra Limited Low! Paul demonstrates that even with his diminutive stature, he can comfortably touch the ground with the soles of both feet.

We achieved this by utilising suspension internals and shock absorbers that are 1 Inch lower than the original suspension in an FLHTK Ultra Limited. We also added a lower profile seat and a reduced width outer primary cover help to bring the riders legs closer together to give better control while manoeuvring the bike with their feet, such as when parking the bike.

To help further with parking, the passenger floorboards have been changed for the Mini Floorboards, their smaller profile lessening the chances of the rider bumping their legs into the passengers floorboard. For the rider that has also been blessed with a more compact torso and arm package, reduced reach handlebars bring the hand controls closer to the rider for better bike control and the Assist & Slip Clutch reduces clutch lever effort by 1 pound.

  • Premium Profile Low Front Suspension (1” Lower than FLHTK Ultra Limited)
  • Premium Profile Low Hand Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers (1” Lower than FLHTK Ultra Limited)
  • Reduced Reach Handlebars
  • Low Profile Seat (Lowest available for Touring models)
  • Passenger Mini Footboards & Mounts
  • Reduced width outer primary cover and derby cover (Narrower overall profile)
  • Assist & Slip Clutch (CVO Ultra Limited Spec)