2013 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Softail Deluxe THE MAYAN


THE MAYAN is Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson Gold Coast’s second entry into the 2013 Judgement Day III Harley-Davidson custom build competition.

The Mayan is just cool as a Harley-Davidson Lucky Green Hard Candy Custom with 16″ fat apes, badlander seat and the all new 21″ turbine front wheel. This bike would look right at home on the streets of Charming.

This 2013 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Softail Deluxe is in-store now at Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson Gold Coast – come in and take a closer look to truly appreciate the detailed custom work that has been put into this bike!

Featuring the following Genuine parts & accessories:

16″ ape kit 56942-10
Diamondback upper brakeline 41800061A
Diamondback lower brakeline 38132-11A
Wire extension kit 69200034
Diamondback clutch cable 38857-09
Diamondback T/I cables 55706-07
Chrome master cylinder kit 45355-08
Chrome switch cap kit 71500110
Chrome hand levers 45075-07
Softail forward controls 33909-08
Scripted shift linkage 33801-09
Narrowband footpegs large 50976-99A
Narrowband footpegs small 50978-99A
Narrowband shiftpeg 49254-99
Narrowband brake pedal 42629-00
Frame inserts 48211-08
Chrome fender strut hardware 94693-08
Passing lamp visors 69732-05
Headlamp Visor 69734-05
Sprocket cover 37757-07
Chrome sproket hardware 94773-07
Polished front brake disc 41830-05A
Chrome brake disc hardware 46646-05
Polished rear brake disc 41832-05A
Chrome brake disc hardware rear 46647-05
Tailfin Mirrors 91696-05A
Chrome switch housings 71826-11
Chrome front end package 45400006
Black pivot bolt cover 47649-09
Black rear axle cover 43422-09
Chrome voltage reg cover 74597-01
smoked turn signal lenses 69304-02
A/C cover smooth 29153-07
Narrowband handgrips 56443-00A
Stage 1 aircleaner 29773-02C
softail debris deflector 60654-07A
Supertuner 32109-08C
V&H Softail Duals V16893
V&H Fishtails V16923
Layback license plate 67900007
21 Turbine front wheel 43300047