2013 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim PROHIBITION

PROHIBITION is Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson Gold Coast’s first entry into the 2013 Judgement Day III Harley-Davidson custom build competition.

The Prohibition era was an attempt to legislate morality. When breaking the rules became cool. Inspired from the classic hotrods of yesteryear. From the 16″ fat ape handlebar, custom one off lake style mufflers exhaust system and ol’skool flame paint job all the way down to the red wheels with white stripe tyres this bike takes you back to the days of rebels breaking free.

This 2013 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim is in-store now at Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson Gold Coast – come in and take a closer look to truly appreciate the detailed custom work that has been put into this bike!

Featuring the following Genuine parts & accessories:

Rear lowering kit 54001-04A
Softail Forward controls 33909-08
edge cut shift lever 34043-10
edge cut brake lever 40084-10
Slotted shift linkage 34018-08
Black fork sliders 45500015
fork tube cover kit 45591-02
black headlight nacelle 61300138
gloss black lower belt guard 57100179
black shor-tee upper belt guard 60300004
black pivot bolt cover 47649-09
black rear axle covers 43422-09
magnum sprocket cover 42200011
finned headbolt cover 43859-00
black hand levers 44994-07
switch cap kit 71500110
black front disc 44358-00A
black rear disc 44357-00A
S/E exhaust wrap 65858-08
bobber air cleaner 61300128
stage 1 aircleaner 29773-02C
EFI supertuner 32109-08C
diamond black clutch cable 38975-10
diamond black T/I cables 55767-10
black brakeline 41800116A
black lower brake line 38135-11A
1-1/4 16″” ape 55857-10A
wire extension kit 69200034
turn signal wire harness 68983-10
rocker top black 17707-11
rocker housing black 17709-11
trans cover black 37193-11
cam cover black 37198-11
skull and chain derby cover 25700256
nostalgic grips black 56275-96B
flame footpeg kit 50312-03
flame shifter peg 34617-03
skull and chain timor cover 25600026
black spring seat 52000114
spring seat install kit 52000014
nacelle riser kit 56789-05
black primary cover 60876-11
classic cover kit 94923-09
classic cover twin cam engine 94943-07
flush mount fuel and guage caps 62823-08
black front axle caps 43428-09