Custom Ant-Man Low Rider™S

After two months of hard work slaving away at our Super Hero Custom Creation we finally Finished the ride Ant-Man himself would be proud of! “We went all out on this to fully capture Ant-Man’s spirit. It was a real team effort to get every little detail right, starting with a powerful engine in a small chassis. Then an Ant-Man button on the front cowling, custom red and silver pain job, with LEDs light built in to match his suit. And a battle scared finish on the frame. The NoS bottles for Ant-Man’s serum really finish it off.

You could now be riding home on a one of a kind Superhero Custom motorcycle. This bike had our absolute best go into it and the outcome shows the passion that was put in. The custom paint job from head to toe and other custom parts fitted is what gives this bike it’s Signature Ant-Man appearance and now you could be like Ant-Man himself.

All for just $33,995 Ride Away!

So if this is the bike you have dreamed of, that combines Superhero with classic Gold Coast Harley-Davidson Customisation then don’t miss out and ENQUIRE NOW!