International Female Ride Day – Friday, May 3rd

IFRD-Brisbane-FlyerMorgan & Wacker Motorcycles is proud to support the 2013 International Female Ride Day to be held on Friday, May 3rd.

The International Female Ride Ride (IFRD) is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride, or have access to a motorcycle.  The day invites women to “just ride!”.

By participating and riding at this worldwide, united and synchronised event, women underline and demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for this exciting activity.  Women participants in the event contribute to the activity by building awareness of female motorcyclists and motorcycling in general.

The International Female Ride Day demonstrates to others the fun and enjoyment females of all backgrounds share in this wonderful activity of motorcycling!

The IFRD Brisbane hosts two yearly events; the official Females Only ride day on the first Friday in May each year and the second is a fundraiser ride day, whereby they welcome men, women and children to attend, on the first Sunday of May each year.

This year the events fall on Friday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 5th.

For more information on the IFRD, please visit their Facebook page at

So all the ladies – support the International Female Ride Day and jump on your bike Friday May 3rd or Sunday May 5th!