Gold Coast Harley Custom Rides: Chris & his Street Bob

Chris Norman, 2015 FXDB Street Bob

I’ve loved bikes and cars ever since I can remember, and when I was 8 Dad hand carved a Harley Davidson sign for me out of a burnt piece of oak; it was a meter wide and the burnt surface contrasted with the raw wood in the logo, it was a work of art that looked like it was CNC routed it was that perfect. It hung on my bedroom wall for about 10 years, and I’ve had an affinity with the brand ever since.  When I was also a kid my Granddad owned a wrecking yard here on the Gold Coast and also imported Camaro’s, Trans Ams and Harleys from the US. I loved hanging out there and when I was 10 I started working for him on school holidays tearing down engines and doing odd jobs. I was in heaven, I couldn’t believe he let me loose with a rattle gun, as a kid I used to pull apart all my toys to see how they worked, so hanging out there was the best thing I could imagine doing and it really fueled my gravitation towards cars and bikes at a young age.

My first Harley was an Iron 883, which I had for a couple of years, then the Slim, and now the Street Bob. Before I got the Street Bob I wanted something I could have a bit more fun with and throw deeper into turns on mountain rides, so I took one for a test ride and loved it, the handling was light and nimble, the motor was quick, and when I saw the hard candy custom in the shop, it was one of the hottest bikes I’d ever seen, so I put my money down and had it delivered a couple of days later. In contrast my Iron and Slim were really blacked out, so the metallic red paint is a completely different look, but it’s rad, I love the vintage bobber styling with it’s chopped fender, high bars and wild paint.

I’ve had heaps of bikes from other brands and styles, but there’s nothing like riding a Harley, the torque, the sound and the feeling of freedom when blasting around on it, even just running to the shop, feels like I could be going anywhere and doing anything.