Gold Coast Harley Custom Rides: Andrew & his Breakout

Let’s get one thing straight: I have never been a Harley man, I have always had (take note, had) the opinion that if you were going to ride a lounge chair that you may as well stay at home.

I had just moved down to Goldy from Charters Towers and as I drive a Land-Cruiser ute, always had the intention of getting a bike just for ease of travel in the city… parking and what not. I had been to look at the new Honda CBR1000 and Suzuki GSXR1000 and could have bought one straight away if I had wanted, but due to the way I was treated by the staff, (it seemed like they just wanted money and didn’t know the product real well) out of spite I decided I would buy from a different dealer.

On my way home I saw Opposite Lock (4WD store) and thought I’d shoot in and get some prices on some gear for my Cruiser.  The boys said they would do up a quote for me, but would take about 1/2 hour, so I had some time to kill.

Then I see this flash new Harley-Davidson shop across the road and thought bugger it, I’ll go check out some shining air compressors just for shits and giggles.

So, I was out the front checking out the used bikes and out comes this salesman,

Jake, asking if I needed any help (something the other shops didn’t do). I said “nah buddy all good, just browsing”, but anyhow we got yarning and at the time the only Harley I knew was the Nighttrains, as they were all black. I didn’t see any around, and thought I could use that as an out (sorry Jake) but he said you can make any Harley any colour you want. Well there went my out. He got me over to a Breakout and after a fair bit of convincing, got me on it for a test ride.

We signed all the paper work for the ride and off we go. When I say we, I mean Jake. Now, I’ve been riding since I was 10, all dirtsquirters and litre Jap bikes. But anyhow, Jake took off, waiting for me up the road a bit and I went to follow, and as I came down the driveway,  I tried to put my feet on the pegs and I couldn’t find them. I have looked down to see what the bloody hell was going on and I was like, “shit they are forward controls!”  As I got my feet on the pegs I look up and I’m already almost up the gutter on the other side of the road, narrowly missing it, thank god!

So we do the test ride circuit and pull up towards the end to have a talk about what I think. Well at that point in time the seating position, well everything, felt awkward about the bike.  I’m pretty sure I said that a little more colourfully though!  We sat talking for a while, anyway he managed to get me to do another lap. It’s weird on that second lap the bike, it felt like a completely different ride to the bike I was on 15 mins ago.  Seating and riding position felt great and, luckily, I was finding the pegs like second nature.

We get back to the shop and I tell him I’ll take it, but I wanted it Black and to sound like a Harley not a postie bike, as it was completely stock.

That’s when I got introduced to Doug (something my bank account would later regret). Now first impressions of Doug was he was just trying to make more money for the shop. After 1/2 hour or so with him I realised I couldn’t be further from the truth, as he was turning my bike into what I wanted, and for, at the time my budget. In the end I got the look (I thought) I wanted . The finished product you see here is a credit to Doug. There were a lot of things I wasn’t sure on, but it has come together perfectly and everything just seems to mesh.

Now, off to get some Harley clothes.

Bridget and Rachael were (at that point in time, haha) very polite, and helpful with everything I needed, because I had no idea what on earth I was looking at or for, and had me kitted up pretty quickly.

Anyhow as time passed I saw more and more bikes like mine, so thought stuff it, lets change it up a little bit to individualise it little bit (hahaha), so I was in the shop more and more, and got to know the rest of the staff and actually felt welcomed in the shop, well by most anyhow (you two in clothing sales you know who you are haha).

The bike has taken on a huge transformation a lot more than what I anticipated, but couldn’t be happier with it.

It wasn’t solely the bike that got me to buy a Harley, it was the staff at the shop, and the culture, and mateship that seems to come with owning one. The amount of good people I have met on shop and HOG rides is amazing. It’s something you don’t see in the sports bike scene very much.

I still like my sports bikes, but my newfound respect and amount of enjoyment I get out of riding my bike has now got me loving Harley.

I have a little bit more to do to this one then my next is going to be a ground up build.

 Andrew’s Breakout has the following Customisation’s fitted:

–          Midnight Blaze Genuine Paint Set

–          Screamin Eagle 120R-X motor

–          Burleigh Highball Bars Internally wired, with DiamondBlack Cables

–          Performance Machine Open Primary

–          Performance Machine 23 inch Luxe front wheel with Performance Machine 6 piston front Caliper

–          Performance Machine 18 inch Luxe rear wheel with Performance Machine 4 piston rear Caliper

–          Legend Air Suspension

–          Genuine Chin Spoiler

–          Blackline Dash and Tank Cover

–          Sidemount Plate

–          Black Cutback Pulley

–          7 inch Daymaker Headlight

–          Edgecut Gear Linkage, Gear and Brake levers

–          Tribal Grips, Pegs and Mirrors

–          Black Engine covers