Gold Coast Harley Custom Character: Joel & his Deluxe

Meet Joel Hansford and his Deluxe.

The phrase “There’s no feeling like riding a Harley” I never really understood what everyone was going on about until the day I actually experienced this feeling for myself. I will definitely say riding a Harley with your mates is an epic feeling like no other!

Before being introduced to Gold Coast Harley, I owned a 1200cc Nightster. Being able to go for a ride up the mountains with a few mates on all different kinds of bikes and being able to modify your bike to how YOU want it to be is what I enjoy most about owning a Harley !!

This is how my Gold Coast Harley adventure started . . .A family member was down from Orange NSW and wanted to go in and have a look at the new shop down at Nerang. I was like sure why not lets go for a drive, so with my 3-year-old son, my cousin and a good mate, we all headed into the shop ( only to have a look! )

I have always been a great fan of the Heritage Softail Deluxe models and I loved the whole Mexican gansta look, but never found one which wasn’t already built or way to expensive. When on this Saturday morning on the floor was sitting a beautiful white and black Heritage Deluxe (the colour I was after)!   I looked at my cousin and said “I wonder how much this is?” I walked around for a few minutes then thought to myself, I really want to know what this is worth!

This is when I was firstly introduced to Garry the salesman. Garry informed me it was a 2006 model and this thing was immaculate! Not a scratch on it, honestly looked brand new. I couldn’t help myself so off i went, laid a deposit down and bought her !!!

I was super excited and so was my 3-year-old son who wouldn’t get of the thing out the front. Once all paper work was done Garry informed me that today was the first day that this bike had been on the show room floor for sale and as the day went on there were 2 other people interested in her but luckily enough she was sold !

I was then introduced to the famous Doug and holy shit we have had fun building my bike to what you all see today! Doug has been awesome from day one, I simply showed him a pic which I had on my phone and told him this is what I want it to eventually look like and Bang the man made it happen! He started off slowly and guided me in the right direction of what to do first and the list never ends. Not only was his advice a great help, but he was making that image that I had of MY Heritage Deluxe unfold in front of me !!

All the boys out the back whom worked on my bike always did a good job, bike was always clean and i liked the fact that they wouldn’t bull shit me to say “Aww yeah book her in and we will get her down straight away” (just so you layer the coin down ) . . . it literally happened that way! I would confirm with Doug when I was to drop the bike in, then I would later receive a phone call saying: “Joel, it’s Doug ! Bikes ready bro LOOKS SICK!”

All in all I’d like to thank the whole staff down at Gold Coast Harley for their advice and customer service. A big thank you to Doug for all he has done for me and just to keep everyone up to date , there’s some crazy shit been talked about for my Deluxe to come . . .