Our Chrome Consultant Doug Every is well known to all of our Customers. In all the Gold Coast Harley Custom Characters Doug gets a mention and anyone that has bought a New or Pre-owned Harley from us has the chance to Customise their motorcycle with Doug.  This is an example of the passion Doug shows in his work, and it is great that Doug shows the same enthusiasm for his own endeavors as others. When people come into Gold Coast Harley-Davidson and are looking for inspiration, quite often Doug walks them around to this Big Wheel Breakout to show them what can be achieved, and that customisation is only limited to imagination. It also shows that he practices what he preaches!

My Journey

I have all ways had a huge passion for Harley-Davidson from a very young age, so naturally I wanted to be part of the Industry. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of customising, from researching parts, to pushing boundaries, and thinking outside the square. Creating someone’s dream Motorcycle has, and always will be why I work with Harley-Davidson. Inspired by my trip to Las Vegas for the Annual Dealer Meeting and thanks to Dylan our finance wizard, I finally got the chance to do it for myself.  This is the first Motorcycle I have purchased New, and Steve did me a great deal to enable my vision. So when we were asked to compete at Rollies Speed Shop V-Twin Expo in 2015 I was excited to be judged by some of the best in the Industry from the USA. It was only natural I was going to be excited and would want to design something next level, and push those Boundaries. It all started with wanting to be different, so I decided on Black and Gold 120 spoke Ride Wright Wheels, Black Rim, Black Hub and Gold Spokes with matching Discs and Pulley, but that was not enough. I wanted more for this build, so I kept thinking…Then it hit me, Big Wheel Softail! So then it was time for research to see how big I could go without having to cut and weld. I discovered 26″ was the limit, so I looked around a bit more, and discovered that no Breakout had been built with a 26″ front wheel in Australia, and mine would be the first.  Now I was getting really excited, so I made the call to Josh at Rollies and placed the order well in advance. So it was on to the rest of the parts to make this bike work.

I spoke with Jason at Advanced Smash and Repair in Springwood and together we came up with a paint scheme that would go with the wheels, I wanted it two tone Matt and Gloss Black with a gold Pinstripe. With that organised it was onto the fender eliminator and front indicators which I changed pretty quickly.  I changed the Dash and had the seat re-upholstered by Craig at Nerang Motor Trimmers with Two tone black leather Croc Skin and gold stitching to compliment the paint. The exhaust Pipes on this bike are a prototype produced by Rinehart (no they are not available…YET) and were fitted by Judd the owner of Rinehart while he was here for the Expo and the boys in the work shop completed the stage 1 with a Roland Sands Power Air/Cleaner and Screamin Eagle Super Tuner. The boys in our Workshop, especially Steve Gay, Ash Lacey and Rory were extremely patient with me as we experimented to achieve the best possible Custom Breakout to match my vision and give us the Best Result possible, not only for myself but for Gold Coast Harley-Davidson as well. At the Show we finished 3rd Overall which was very pleasing.  Also Craig Reid’s 2014 FLHX (Blood and Bone) finished 2nd Overall which was gratifying as well. IMG_0396  I had traveled around 14,000 kms in 6 months and decided it was time for some more horses in the garage. I talked to Ash and booked it in to have the Screamin Eagle 110 Stage V Tyre Shredder Kit installed. Steve Gay did all the work and the performance gain was so impressive I couldn’t stay off it. The 500 kms of run in was over in no time and so was the 1000 km mark, so it was booked in with Fred at Pro Cycle Dyno in Springwood. It now has 120 Rear wheel horsepower and 124 Ft/Llbs of torque.

The Bike is a work in progress, if any one knows me, they would know I am always looking for the next thing to do. Watch this space there is some big changes in the wings.

Doug’s Bike has the following Parts fitted, as well as others:
Rinehart exhausts
Ride Wright 120 Spoke Wheels with Matching Rotors and Pulleys
Legend Air Suspension
Chop Z Fender Eliminator
Hawg Halters Triple Trees
RWD Front Fender
RSD Power Filter
Screamin Eagle Super Tuner
Screamin Eagle Stage V Tyre Shredder Kit
RSD Brass Grips and Pegs
Black Primary Cover
Performance Machine Front Caliper