The new BMW G310 R

It’s here! And boy, aren’t we excited about it.  The new BMW G 310 R is the essence of riding pleasure. The bike is lightweight yet a real powerhouse with its 313 cc engine. Good looks, powerful drive and less than 160 kg fully fueled, the G 310 R lets you simply enjoy your motorcycling. Whether riding through heavy city traffic, commuting to work or just getting out on the weekend – with the G 310 R you’ll want to ride on!

The G 310 R doesn’t take second place technically either. Quite the opposite: with sophisticated and unconventional technical highlights you won’t follow but lead. The one-cylinder, four-strike 313 cc engine, among other things, helps to ensure this. The unusual tilt of the cylinder to the rear and the cylinder head that has been rotated 180° lowers the centre of gravity and shifts it in the direction of the front wheel. Because of this, the G 310 R is more agile and easier to control. The low and longer swing arm ensures even more stability, without unnecessarily increasing the wheelbase. No BMW motorcycle has been without it since 2013: standard ABS. It is also fitted in the G 310 R and ensures your safety on every ride.

At only $6,890, don’t wait and enquire now at Morgan & Wacker BMW!




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