30 Years of Working at Morgan & Wacker!

We’re so lucky here at Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson to have a dedicated and passionate team. This month we’re celebrating 30 years of employment at Morgan & Wacker for not one, but two fantastic team members, Glenn Callaghan (sales consultant) and Paul Redding (master technician).

Paul celebrated his 30th anniversary on January 13th, 2016. He’s an incredibly talented technician who takes great pride in his work. Morgan & Wacker Dealer Principal, Paul Lewis said “It’s brilliant to have such an experienced and loyal Team member well done Paul! Thank you for your many years of hard work”.

Glenn started with Morgan & Wacker late January, 1986 as a part time detailer straight out of school. He then did a few years as the dealership’s driver before starting out as a salesman on Saturdays, before becoming a full time Sales Consultant in 1991.

Glenn and Paul have both seen two major floods and two major renovations. Glenn said “there’s been some really interesting and great times over the years and the place has changed so much over time”.

When asked some of his fondest memories, Glenn remembered having the opportunity to have breakfast with Nancy and Willie G. Davidson (Grandson of Willie A. Davidson – co-founder of Harley-Davidson and Chief Styling Officer at the time) as a highlight. “The people you meet – both staff and customers have really been the best part about working for Morgan & Wacker”, he said. “Another great memory would have to be in 2000 when Harley-Davidson provided the support vehicles for the carrying of the Olympic Torch and I got to carry it for a leg through Fortitude Valley.”

We would love to thank Glenn and Paul for their hard work and dedication to Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson over their 30 years of employment. Make sure you come down to the dealership in January and congratulate them both!!